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Looking for a search engine optimization company for your SEO services has never been easy. If you have been in such a situation, then you may consider trying out our services. Search driven labs is one of the best SEO companies in India. Some of the advantages we have over other companies include Cost effective price at search driven labs, we provide the best prices in the market today.

Our aim is not to charge high prices but to provide the best services at the best possible price. However, the price offered depends on what you want and how soon you want the services delivered. Specialized services are charged higher compared to normal services. Urgent orders may also require extra charges because some other services will have to be shelved to work on your order.

Ethics our company follows ethics and will also ensure that the client is respected. One of our core values it to always be flank. In this regard, we can inform you something we cannot be able to deliver. When you come to order, we will listen to you and inform you when we can deliver the services. Our staff cannot inform you a timeline in which quality services cannot be delivered. After all, our core value is to deliver high quality services at all times.

It is the result of our continuous efforts and dedication that we are known for delivering faster and guaranteed results.

Softflew has been established as a software company in Raebareli. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of client work . Softflew started with a passion. A passion for helping bussiness and people, fulfilling their need as easily as possible. We are here to make a immense change in IT Planet.

Purpose - To be a leader in the software industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

Vision - To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Mission statement - To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core values - We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning Goals. Regional expansion in the field of software industry and develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. To build good reputation in the field of software industry and become a key player in the industry.


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Code & Development




Web & Mobile Development

We love Smartphones and love to create apps which can make Smartphones really Smart, easy to use , efficient and fun. Statistic shows that the popularity of mobile application and smart phones is growing faster compared to personal computer sales. This is why, we have specialized not only in Web Design and development, but also Mobile Website Design, Mobile Website Optimizer and Mobile Applications.

Web Application Development

Web Development is one term that encompasses every aspect of inculcating a presence on the World Wide Web. From the planning to implementation web development includes every aspect of building a website and maintenance.

We ensure that every solution that is developed is efficient in working and is able to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations. Hence, web development at Softflew is implementation of integrated qualities like creativity, efficiency, technology, proficiency & exuberant styling.

Android App Development

Android is one the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, Android now virtually runs in one out of every two Smartphone’s and tablet computers in India. This tremendous growth in Android boosted freeware Operating System developed with millions of different applications to assist and entertain the user in every single way. Softflew creates fresh and innovative Android applications as well as converting enterprise level legacy systems to Android applications. Our android application development team is highly trained with various successful android apps deployed in the android market to its credit.

E-commerce Development

We build websites that monetize your products in an effective way by giving the biggest market exposure to your business. From a beautiful user interface to easily manageable admin panel; integration of best payment gateway to ensuring highly secure transactions; we promise a 100% effective, fully-featured & flexible ecommerce solution to expand your customer base.

Domains & Web Hosting

Computers communicate by using numbers, called IP addresses, to contact each other, much like you use a phone number to dial a specific person's phone. Domain names on the internet are much like entries in a phone book. Without a domain you would not be able to use a domain name such as .

A Web host is in the business of providing server space, Web services and file maintenance for Web sites controlled by individuals or companies that do not have their own Web servers. Softflew Web Services offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites and web applications.

Windows Application Development

If you look for a smart desktop solution for your business on Windows, you are just few steps from getting all you need. softflew specializes in professional desktop software development(Java, .NET, C++, PHP, Perl, Ajax etc.) and provides quality desktop solutions for Windows platform. The software is designed and developed by a team of high-qualified and experienced professionals.The works are performed in a wide specter including desktop remote solutions, as well as desktop management, support and backup solutions for you to make your computer management and remote control easy and handy.

Softflew saw the potential for growth and its is now a specialized windows application development company , and have provided service for various windows phone app development requirement.

Channel Management

In simplest terms, a CMS is a software package that facilitates the creation, publishing, distribution, organization and management of online content. As you will see below, most CMS look very similar to word processing software, like Microsoft's Word.

A CMS not only creates the structure of how information- articles, video, design elements and images- will be presented, it gives all of the tools for populating a website. A CMS assists the web editor by providing tools for the creation of content, the publishing of the content, and, ultimately to archiving and storing the content.

Rectify Errors

Errors are of course unfortunate and bad. We must make as much an effort as possible to prevent errors before they make their way into the world. The ease with which mistaken claims and false facts can pick up speed and spread requires that we be diligent in verifying facts before publication. News organizations should track the error rates of individual reporters, and offer training and, when necessary, discipline to help ensure overall quality.

However, some amount of errors will inevitably occur, especially in a fast paced digital environment. That’s why we correct our errors — and do so publicly and transparently.

Rather than destroying trust, corrections are a powerful tool to reinforce how accountable and transparent we are.

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