Business Strategy Customized to Perfection

We realize the diversity of our clients and their business, which is why we craft custom strategies for all our clients.

Our Major Goals

To help your business succeed with the help of our design, development and marketing services and take it to the next level while establishing your brand name and presence online and in the real world.

Our Primary Initiative

For you to have a successful business that grows at a rapid pace and to create your name in the industry so you can carry out your operations efficiently and have a generous customer base or client portfolio.

What we stand by

We put your business first which is what helps us  to build an effective strategy to promote, develop and design aids for your business with our experts working towards a common goal of growth for your business.

Softflew - Best It company in Lucknow

We at Softflew are a team of trained professionals, designer, developers and digital marketers who are here to help build your business and take it online with our services and expertise. By employing all the latest methods in Digital Marketing, we strive to create a name for your business that people can trust. An efficient business that has a centralized operation with interactive visual design is what we are working to achieve for you.

 Our success lies in the growth of our clients’ businesses. That is why we focus on their business values while planning Digital Marketing strategies for them. With a diverse portfolio of previous clients whose businesses we have helped grow, we are proud to provide our services at Skyview to help enhance your business. To help you establish yourself as a trusted business is what we are after, with our expert marketing design and developer team.

Softflew Plan of Action

Our comprehensive strategy involves several phases, that begin from the planning phase after which comes the analysis phase, sizing up crucial aspects. Then we move to Design and Development of our software, after completion of which we move on to the testing phase to ensure the software is industry ready and we also offer maintenance services after delivery of product.

Value Added Services

Explore the services that we offer to help in the digital marketing of your business

Google Ads (Adwords)

We integrate our Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services with Google Adwords for a wider reach of your business listing to your audience and better rankings on Search Engine Results.

Content Development

Content is key to all aspects of your business development, which is why we have a content team on standby to assist you with engaging content for your business aids and marketing strategies.

Blog Management

Blogs can be very beneficial to give people a glimpse into your business, which is why our talented team of bloggers help craft interesting blogs that shed a light on your business and industry.

Page Management

Your web page for your business is where you can exhibit your product, service, business values and other crucial information, which our team can handle for an effective web page design and management.

Bulk SMS Provider

To reach out to a majority of your customers at once for your product or service related information or promotionals, bulk SMS can prove to be very helpful to reach out to all your customers at once.

Product Reviews

By posting genuine reviews of your product or service on your business web pages, you can ensure a trusted brand building that people can find on the internet and explore your products or services.


4 steps to build a successful digital marketing system

Softflew is the only place you will ever need to go to the avail of digital marketing services for your business. We are a team of creators who help turn your business into a brand that people can trust. 

We do so with our expert Digital Marketing, Software design and development services to help enhance your business operations and reach out to more and more customers for your business.


Research Projects


Find new Ideas


Start Optimize


Reach Targets

We are Number #1 IT and Digital Marketing company

Softflew Service Pack

Explore the variety of development, design and marketing services that we offer at Softflew to help enhance the growth of your business.

3D Hologram Design

The 3D Hologram technology that we are employing in our marketing and advertising strategies is a game-changer for building your business and establishing your footprint with its impressive immersive graphics that will leave clients and potential customers equally impressed.

Software Developement

An efficient software is crucial for the smooth functioning and operations of your business, which is what we are here to help you with, an industry ready software that can help centralize the operations, save you time and money, create a good impression and make way for your success.

Website Design & Developement

Our team at Softflew are highly trained professionals for creating the best design for your web pages that can captivate your audience and create contemporary web designs supporting .PHP, JAVA, ROR, Python, .NET scripts.

Mobile App Development

Your business operations can be centralized with a mobile application that works on multiple platforms and can transform your business. We can help transition your business on a mobile application.


Better search results in SERPs is what every business is after and we at Softflew can help achieve that for your business listing with our latest optimization techniques and take your business website to the top.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing at Softflew are capable to take your business advertising online and enhance your presence. The shifting scenario in the online marketing industry is what we keep up with at Softflew.

The Softflew Advantage

At Softflew, we care about your business and employ the best methods in your business development process for you to succeed.

Strategies we use for Digital marketing:

At Softflew, we strive by some strategies and rules to ensure that the best quality work goes into your business and website development.

Diversity is something we deal with on a regular basis and are not afraid of. We help promote the expansion of businesses from different sectors of the industry.

Our team consists of designers, developers and marketers who work together in unison to produce the best results for your business.

With years of expanding several different kinds of business, we have gained the insight as to how to help your business grow with the best practices.