Best PHP Training Institute in Lucknow!

Softflew's extensive PHP Summer Training is designed for beginners like you! No prior coding experience? No worries! Our expert instructors will guide you step-by-step through the fundamentals, starting with the basics of syntax and data types. You'll then dive deeper into essential concepts like variables, operators, control flow, functions, and more. By the end, you'll be comfortable building small-scale applications and have a solid foundation to explore advanced topics.

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Best PHP Training Institute in Lucknow!

Why learn PHP?

Widely Adopted

Go-to language for web development


Great starting point for beginners

Open Source and Flexible to work across various platforms.

Pre-built code libraries


Softflew Benefits

Industry-Standard Curriculum

Interactive Learning Environment

Career Guidance

Hands-on Projects

Career Roadmap

Confident Coding

Skills You'll Gain After Training

Basic PHP Programming Skills:

Develop foundational skills in PHP programming to create simple websites and applications.

Introduction to Database Management:

Learn the basics of managing databases using PHP and MySQL, including simple querying and data manipulation.

Problem-Solving Fundamentals:

Build fundamental problem-solving skills through hands-on coding exercises and basic project challenges.

Basic Collaboration and Communication:

Practise basic collaboration and communication skills, working in small teams to complete simple tasks and projects.

Introduction to Project Management:

Gain an introduction to project management concepts and techniques, learning how to organise and meet deadlines.

Introduction to Adaptability:

Explore the basics of adaptability and learning agility, developing the ability to adapt to new technologies and concepts.

Completion of Softflew’s 45-day Python Training Program in Lucknow will position you as a proficient Python developer, ready to tackle real-world challenges and pursue exciting career opportunities in the ever-expanding field of software development.

PHP Training Course Contents




Core PHP


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